PETITFEE GOLD & SNAIL Hydrogel 60 Eye Patches

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Nourishing and soothing hydrogel eye patches for a boost around the eyes. Care for the skin around the eyes with skin-repairing snail slime (10000ppm) and revitalizing 24k Gold.

The hydrogel locking mechanism:

  • The unique thing about hydrogel is that hydrogel delivers active ingredients to skin and prevent evaporation with full moisture.
  • Unlike cotton based sheet masks, hydrogel masks are more effective and gives the desired result.
  • Highly recommend this product to treat the dry area around your skin.
  • The hydrogel provides rich moisture to your skin and prevents it from getting evaporated.
  • The face mask has a cooling and soothing effect on your skin.
  • The elastic jelly formulation full of water makes sure the patch has an excellent grip on your skin.



  • Snail mucin: skin repair, intense hydration
  • 24K gold: gloss, radiance
  • Green tea: soothing, hydration, antioxidant
  • Mugwort: calming, blood circulation

How to use:

  1. Use the mask patches after cleansing and toner.

  2. Take out the patch 1 by 1 with the supplied spatula.
  3. Place the masks under the eyes, and make sure it fits comfortably.
  4. Remove the masks after 20 ~ 30 minutes and massage the remaining essence for absorption.
  5. Discard the masks after use or dissolve them in warm water.

For the best quality, it’s recommended to use up the product within 2 months after the opening.


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